Used for commercial purposes, a Continuous Inkjet Printer is ideal for marking on both flat and curved surfaces. It has gained tremendous popularity in the past few years due to the impact of technology in wide range. It is commonly known for its non-contact coding process and the availability of wide range of ink. If your organization is looking for a reliable, cost-efficient, long-lasting content in large quantities, the Inkjet coding printer’s technology is what your business needs, read on to find out why.

The Continuous Inkjet technology is simple; the printer expels electrically charged droplets of ink from a print-head nozzle onto a substrate without actually touching it, needless to mention, the complexity of the implementation is commendable. Each ejected dot is smaller than the diameter of a human hair and need to be positioned very precisely to achieve fine resolution.

Some of the key elements of Continuous Inkjet Printer are the high velocity of the ink droplets that ensures defined printing even with long distance between the print head and substrate, efficiency of high-speed printing because of the drop ejection frequency to name a few. It also includes a direct solvent injection to prevent errors. 

Due to the feature of throw distance printing in Continuous Inkjet Printer, codes, text, batch numbers, bar codes can be printed seamlessly on any product. From Bottle necks, soda cans, cabling to rubber, metal and glass products, the CIJ printer do not touch the product during the printing process at all. The ink is sprayed through the air in a pattern that while the moving product passes, the code is printed as it is programmed in the printer. This leads to eliminating any risk of damage to the printing surface.

What is interesting to note about the inkjet coding machine is that, the unused drops of ink are reversed into the machine again to become a part of the ink stream.

Using world-class technology, the NEO from Control Print is designed to be easy for use for operators of all skill levels. Keeping in mind the varied consumer base, there is access to print the material in local language. Other key advantage includes minimal cost maintenance due to the availability of innovative features.

It is exceptional and one of the best in line that delivers quality printing at the most affordable rate. It also boasts of built-in font edit tools with Unicode fonts to print on virtually any surface. The continuous inkjet coding machine allows the flexibility to print wide-ranging data on small or big sheets according to the users’ requirements.

One of the top-in line technology that is cost effective, trusted by customers and is considered as the leader of Inkjet coding is none other than the CIJ. It is without a doubt, faster, better and smarter than most of the printing machines available in the market.